21 Day Fix Recipes: Delicious & Super Healthy Kale Salad

For today’s 21 Day Fix Recipes we choose kale salad. Every one of these ingredients in the kale salad lasts forever in the fridge or pantry, so they’re all staple items on my grocery list. Together, they make a delicious, filling salad.

There’s a fantastic variety of textures and flavors, and the combination of vegetables, protein, and healthy fats will keep you satisfied for quite a while. This, or a close variation, is my usual lunch when I’m on the 21 Day Fix.

  1. 1 green filled with kale (or your favorite green or lettuce)
  2. 1 red filled with your favorite lean protein, or the equivalent (I used 2/3 of a 7oz can of tuna)
  3. 1 yellow filled with quinoa
  4. 1 blue filled with the walnut-almond mix (or a 100 calorie pack of nuts)
  5. Dress with 1 tsp of olive oil and as much balsamic vinegar as you like



21 Day Fix Recipes_ Delicious & Super Healthy Kale Salad-Guud

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