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Hey, I’m Jonathan and I live for adventure.

From spending nineteen years as an actor in Hollywood to becoming a digital agency owner in Phoenix, I operate under the assumption that life is meant to be lived, and it’s meant to be lived well. When I’m not hunting down the best digital strategies and gear, you’re likely to find me competing in obstacle course races and traveling with my family.


Sascha (aka Queen of Strategy) here.

I’m a bookworm, fascinated with exceptional living. I believe that examining our habits and beliefs is the best way to create an optimal, intentional life. From homeschooling our kids to going plant-based to searching out the best sustainable fashion to completing Phase 1 of #75Hard to home birthing our fourth baby, I delight in new adventures.

Random Facts about Jonathan + Sascha

Three months after becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, we partnered together for our first entrepreneurial venture.

Jonathan spent summers serving in Oaxaca and Guanajuato Mexico, and speaks conversational Spanish with a near-perfect accent.

Sascha’s a published author- with poems, jokes, and creative fiction published in multiple publications dating back to childhood.

Both Jonathan and Sascha are actors. Jonathan can be spotted on Gray’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, and Entourage. Sascha can be spotted on a (currently running) Marriott Bonvoy commercial and Jerry Maguire.

We met in the center of Hollywood, at Hollywood and Vine.

We run obstacle courses and distance trail races for fun. Our longest trail race so far is a 20k.

Our three children were each born two years apart, all within a span of ten days.

All three babies were born naturally, two out of three in a birthing center.

Sascha had a very brief stint as a country music radio deejay.

Sascha cleaned toilets as part of her job working at a finest movie theater in LA (ArcLight).

Jonathan sold World Book encyclopedias door to door in La Plata, Missouri.

Both Jonathan and Sascha attended over 15 different schools: Sascha as a military brat, and Jonathan as an ad exec brat.

We were both cheerleaders, a part of the Greek system in college, and have our Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, though we’re a decade apart in age.


ane Krstevska - SEO manager

Ane Krstevska runs our SEO Command Center

Your SEO Project Manager at Guud Marketing. Her background is Law and Human Resources. After spending a decade working for the U.S. Government, her life changed, and so do her viewpoint. She wanted to make a career out of her own passion. And she did. Digital Marketing is her business, but also her passion. Ane is always excited about helping others reach their goals.

Ane has been featured on big media outlets, such as: Thought Catalog, Pick the Brain, Dumb Little Man, Mogul, Motivation Grid, Success Story, Self-Growth, Startup 360 Magazine, CXO Stories, to name a few. In addition to her extensive digital marketing experience, Ane worked as a Production Assistant/Researcher in the short documentary movie “Selling Lies” with Revelation Entertainment (Morgan Freeman’s production company) where she contributed with her skills and knowledge.

Vanessa Lawson - Executive Assistant

Vanessa Lawson, a superhero of an executive assistant

Vanessa is a Midwestern mompreneur who spends her days supporting clients as an executive assistant, process designer, and system builder while taking regular play breaks with her daughter. She loves planning and organizing all the things for her clients, herself and her family! Some of her favorite thing include checklists, coffee brewed in a French Press, gardening, and weekend trips with her friends and family.

Elena Dimova - SEO Keyword Specialist

Hi, Elena Dimova, your rockstar SEO analyst

Elena's patience, analytical skills, and understanding of the bigger picture make her a great marketing professional. As an SEO analyst, her main goal is to skyrocket a website to Google's top positions. She makes sure the business' online content is found by potential and current customers. Focusing on the user's intent, she finds the most popular and relevant keywords used in search queries for the sole purpose of improving the brand presence.

Her passion and gift for energy healing and blogging help her identify a deeper emotional connection in the search intent based on data, emotion & user research.

Becka Baroody - Social Media Team

Becka Baroody, the Guud Social Diva

Becka is a coffee-loving social media whiz. Growing up on a horse farm in Colorado, she never shied away from getting her hands dirty, and loves a good challenge. She has an insatiable thirst for learning, and loves sharing helpful information with others in order to encourage them along their own paths. With a naturally bubbly and outgoing personality, she is able to easily relate to people, both behind a keyboard and IRL. It is this relatability, combined with her passion to help people, that drives her success in every adventure she embarks on. She loves traveling to tropical places to scuba dive with her husband, reading Consumer Reports magazines to her inner-nerd’s content, becoming the master chef of her own kitchen and keeping her 5 million plants alive.

Jonah Munyua - SEO Wizard

Jonah Munyua is an SEO wizard

Jonah is a passionate and creative SEO professional, with a great understanding of how to leverage SEO to drive growth, engagement, and revenue generation.
He specializes in website Quality, Analytics and Content audits, Technical SEO, and Keyword Research. He lives in the picturesque town of Nakuru, Kenya.  Jonah is a proud dad of 1 boy and 2 daughters, he loves cooking and traveling.

Jonah serves as a tech ambassador and volunteer peer educator in his community.

Myra Acao- SEO team

Almyra Acao is our GMB afficianado

Almyra is an all around Virtual Assistant since 2010, with a passion for learning new skills on a regular basis by helping clients lighten their workload, from all sorts of admin to marketing jobs. She finds her favorite niche in SEO, which helps her to explore new ways of getting a systematic and thorough approach to achieve outstanding results. Being a remote team member offers her freedom to travel and be active in other things without putting her job or clients' success at risk.

Kathleen Bufete - Tech Implementor

Kath is a tech implementing genie

With over 5 years of successful tech experience in implementing developing technology projects. She has a clear GO/NO-GO decision points and has a laid out responsibilities. A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace. With a keen eye to detail and a meticulous work ethic, it’s no wonder Kath brings great value to any company seeking her assistance. Kath enjoys a good Netflix binge but can also be found on long bike rides.

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