Hack Your Goals with One Subtle Mind-Shift

Hack Your Goals

According to Newtonian mechanics, p=mv. P is the momentum of a particle, or, you. M is mass or size/project. V is the velocity or speed. Your momentum is equal to the speed times the size of the object. It will only take one subtle mind-shift. Now, let’s hack your goals, shall we?

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How to Find a Mentor & Do You Really Need One?

How to Find a Mentor

How to find a mentor? Let’s be real. Actually, I’m going to get REAL real, so this may hit some buttons. If you get offended, this might be for you. No one wants to talk about excuses. It’s easier and more fun to quote Nike or Gary Vaynerchuk and talk about hustle and beast mode…

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Business Manifestation – 4 Quick and Best Tips

Business Manifestation

Business Manifestation is a way of building your business. It is about conscious thinking and intentional work to bring about growth in your business. You want to be all you can be. You want to succeed and not put limits on what that success will look like for you. It is therefore necessary to use…

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