work for yourself

4 Essential Things to Consider if you Wish to Work for Yourself

September 23, 2020

Has the idea to work for yourself ever crossed your mind? But before we begin, here’s the ultimate disclaimer: the point of this isn’t to sell you anything. It’s just our story.  In the world of blogs and the internet, pretty much the only reason people tell you about their work is to sell you…

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Is Airbnb Profitable

Is Airbnb Profitable – Will Airbnb Work in my City?

September 23, 2020

Is Airbnb Profitable? Will Airbnb Work in my City? Yes. Wait…. Just kidding, that isn’t my entire answer. Due to our participation in the Airbnb Community Leaders Program (designed by Airbnb as a referral program, enabling experienced hosts in aiding and creating new hosts) in Los Angeles, my husband and I have received some interesting…

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How to Get Started Blogging And Why You Should Or Shouldn’t You hate or are afraid of writing

3 Best Reasons to Start Blogging – (And Why You Should Not)

September 10, 2020

Hey, Sascha here. Confession. I’ve been blogging for 15 years, so writing from my personal experience, I’d love to share the best reasons to start blogging. Back when I was a teenager (and the internet was fresh and new), there was this platform called Xanga. A bunch of my friends had Xanga pages- essentially, your…

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10 Ways to Make Money Blogging Running an E commerce Shopify Store

10 Proven Ways to Make Money Blogging

September 7, 2020

10 Ways to Make Money Blogging So far we’ve spoken about why you should (or shouldn’t) create a blog, how to find the right niche for it, and how to start your blog. Now that you have a working blog, it’s time to create your monetization plan. We’re going to discuss ten different ways to…

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