How to Deconstruct, Declutter, & Design your Way to a Wealthy Life

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Ever notice how the sun filters through the trees in the summer? Those leafy branches can block a lot of light. Trim those branches and the light streams in. Do the same in your life and shed more light on what matters most to you by starting to deconstruct, declutter, and design your way to a wealthy life.

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It’s a first-world problem, but it’s a problem just the same. Your life is cluttered. Your bedroom is cluttered with clothes, belts, and shoes. Your living room is cluttered with magazines, media, and knick-knacks. Your kitchen is cluttered with days-old mail, boxes of extra pasta that were on sale, and mugs filled with dull pencils.

Room after room, you struggle to see how your life can function in any way, but this way. You are stuck in a rut.

Contrast the clutter you have now with how you picture the wealthy version of yourself lives. No clutter there, right? That clutter won’t disappear between now and then on its own. One way to begin to live into the wealthier version of yourself is to declutter now.How to Deconstruct Declutter Design your Way to a Wealthy Life Guud 1

Deconstruct Your Way to a Wealthy Life

Take back control by decluttering, but first, you must deconstruct the war zone that is your living quarters. Reduce each area to its parts and consider what purpose each area of your domicile has. If your bedroom looks like a storage area, there’s a problem.

Typically the bedroom is a place for tranquility. Figuring out how you want each space in your home to function will highlight what needs to be decluttered and what can be designed to meet that function. If that pile of unworn clothes and heap of sports equipment stresses you out, then they’re not adding to the purpose of the room: tranquility.

Move on to deconstructing the living room. Is this a space for media consumption, TV and movies, music, and shows? Now you know that the exercise machine cannot live in that room. And what about the kitchen, the heart of your home?

The mail should be dealt with on a daily basis, removing the pressures of bills from that space to focus on time with family and friends instead. And the deconstruction goes on. 

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Declutter Your Way to a Wealthy Life

You know how you want each space to function. Now what? Choosing what to eliminate and where to dispose of it comes next.

Consider donating books to your local senior center or local library. Round up all those extra stuffed animals; there are organizations like local shelters and charities who’ll use them.  So you can recycle or sell.

Before you discard, throw a yard sale.

If you think nostalgia will rear its little head your way, ask a friend to help you be ruthless.

Decluttering is not for the faint of heart.  

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Design Your Way to a Wealthy Life

Finally, the fun part: start designing how you want to live within your home.

Where will you put your feet up? How will you talk with family while you’re preparing food in the kitchen? Does a television in the bedroom soothe you or stress you out?

All of these questions and more center around how you should design your living space.

Take into account who’ll be using the space. If there’s a stakeholder, like a child who wants to be involved, let him. It’s his play area, too! Consider color, shape, and texture.

Add living plants, a gallery wall of family photos, or your child’s latest art project (no, you can’t save them all).

Take joy from the parts of the room that you thoughtfully choose by designing the space for who you are right now and for who you want to be in the future.  All of these hints will bring you to a life of meaning and abundance as you deconstruct, declutter, and design your living space.



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