Facebook ads

Facebook ads aren’t just for selling solar panels and mattresses.

They’re the best possible way to drive a targeted action: grow your email list, grow your audience, set appointments, sell a product.


Most people, however, really just get their money eaten by Facebook, whether by trying to do it themselves or falling prey to a hack with a cut and paste ads “strategy”.

It’s unfortunate. Heck, it even happened to us. We had such terrible, horrifying, embarrassing results when we first ran ads, we took a two year hiatus.

We studied Facebook ads for another two years before we began running them again. We spent that time sharpening the axe, watching trends, and learning what separates the highest performing ads from the rest, enabling us to get results for ourselves and our clients, results that meet our very high standards.

Facebook ads are effective.

After all, you see them everywhere. The Facebook Audience Network broadcasts your ads across their partner sites like Huffington Post and pretty much any app with ads on it.

But Facebook’s team is smart, and their ads management platform is confusing.

Whether or not you hit your ad goals makes no difference to their bottom line, they definitely want you to keep buying ads and spending money. Add in their consistently shifting algorithm and nearly-continuous changes to the Ads Manager platform, and it’s like throwing half-cooked spaghetti at a wall. You’re wasting money and nothing sticks.

But you need it to stick.

You need the results that Facebook ads can do, so you can sell more of whatever it is you’re selling.

It goes beyond just selling via ads, too. That’s the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

You have a website, and according to recent stats, 96% of visitors who come to your website aren’t ready to buy, but they’re interested, and there’s an easy fix.

Every person who visits your website should also be followed around the internet with an ad from your business. It’s retargeting and it’s one of the best ways to show up as a credible business in 2020, and the second step of our genius business-building PROS system.

Guud Marketing Facebook Ads
Phoenix Facebook Marketing

When it comes to Facebook ads, we dance a special dance.

We have a four step system that gets results. Our system is streamlined, yet it includes ads that are entirely personal and custom to you. It’s a sucker punch and a whack upside the head for your audience- in a good way.

Our discovery process drills down into what sets you apart and exactly who your perfect clients are, so we can deliver effective messaging accordingly. The strategy that works in one region isn’t going to work in every region (franchise owners, we feel your pain!). All neighborhoods are not created equally, and your neighborhood deserves a properly designed and targeted campaign. Every ad we make is custom made to your unique promotion and audience, which is why our cost per action is up to 10x lower than the anything our clients have experienced prior to working with our team.

Guud clients get more customers and serve more people.

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