Hack Your Goals with One Subtle Mind-Shift

Hack Your Goals with One Subtle Mind-Shift-Quote

According to Newtonian mechanics, p=mv. P is the momentum of a particle, or, you. M is mass or size/project. V is the velocity or speed. Your momentum is equal to the speed times the size of the object. It will only take one subtle mind-shift. Now, let’s hack your goals, shall we?

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What gets your momentum going? Impulse. In physics, it can be calculated a few ways, but we’ll use the most relevant one. An impulse equals the force and the change in time.

You can do a HUGE push for a short period or a more reasonable sized push for a longer period of time. The latter is preferable, as doing an activity for a sustained period of time makes it a habit.

Speaking of habits, as described in Newton’s First Law of Motion, an object not subject to any net external force moves at a constant velocity (or speed and direction). This is your inertia. This is why, once you get going in any new endeavor, it’s easier to keep going. In physics, external forces can be gravity, friction, wind, and the like.

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Hack Your Goals with One Subtle Mind-Shift

In life, we encounter all sorts of external forces. You must counteract those to preserve your own inertia. If you let these things beat you down, distract you, or discourage you, you aren’t doing your part to preserve your inertia. It’s physics.

Nothing is without external forces. Are you larger than your external forces? You have to be, you have to grow to be, to get to where you want to go. 

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We’re assuming, if you’re reading this blog, you have places you want to go, things you want to do, and this means- you have work to do.

These are laws of physics and they are completely applicable to your life as it pertains to your own goals. The start is always the hardest, as we’ve (as Sir Isaac Newton has!) proven above. After that, it does get easier.

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Notice- nowhere in here does it mention inspiration or motivation. In physics, those don’t exist. It’s all action. Keep that in mind.

You have two jobs. Get yourself started, and be larger than your external forces. I’m here to help.


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