How to Make a Good Social Media Video – Lights, Camera, Everything


How to Make Good Videos for Social Media - Lights, Camera, Everything-Quote

Here are all the tools I use for making a good social media video for marketing.


How to Make Good Videos for Social Media Lights Camera Everything 1

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How to Make a Good Social Media Video: Complete Set-Up

BEST INEXPENSIVE SETUP: Get an adjustable tripod and rechargeable cell phone ring light Use your cell phone headset. ($25 total)

MIDRANGE UPGRADE: Add a backdrop and stand (+$75). Scroll down for my recommendations there.

PROFESSIONAL LEVEL: Add a full ring light (+$140)

SUPER PRO: Add a fancy microphone. This is the one we will get when we upgrade (+125).

BONUS: Add a great camera. We still use our cell phone and laptop, but friends of ours use ones similar to this:

Tripods and Mounts

This is the BEST for just keeping in your bag on the go. You can bend the legs to mount your phone anywhere. The Joby brand is best quality (these will fall apart), but for $10, I love these imitation versions.

I love these sticky pads. They’re great for gym shots and makeup tutorials.

If you have a place you’re going to shoot regularly, these flat magnetic mounts are great.

This is AWESOME, and I keep this one in my bedroom. If I go live on my balcony, I use this full-size tripod. We also travel with it often because it weighs essentially nothing.


For sound, we use our regular headphones or apple earbuds/air pods. We also travel with this mic, because it was recommended to us at an event, though we rarely use it anymore. If you need to look professional, it’s great. My niche isn’t “professional”, so it doesn’t matter:

How to Make Good Videos for Social Media Lights Camera Everything 2


Box Soft light (we used to use these all the time- now we use the ring light mostly solo- but these are 1/3 price):

Ring light:

Rechargeable cell phone ring light (best for price and beginners!):

Two in one cell phone holder + light (great for at a desk):


Photo backdrop stand (just use heavy-duty tape on a wall to tape up a backdrop, if you have a wall you can shoot against. That’s what we did in LA, but we don’t have a blank wall where we currently live):

We LOVE this but don’t yet use them. These are our NEXT uplevel in filming. These and a plant and you have a perfect setting.

Here is our first photo backdrop. Make sure, when you order one, you don’t get a 5×7. It won’t be big enough to allow wiggle room or a second person on camera with you.

If you are looking to get a backdrop this site is great and affordable. I recommend getting an 8×8 or 10×10. It’ll be big, but you can fold it if you need it.

How to Make Good Videos for Social Media Lights Camera Everything 3

I hope you’ve found this social media video guide helpful and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with it!

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