Search Engine Optimization

Ah, SEO. How is it something so important is so often ignored?

…Probably because it’s confusing and complicated.

Seriously. No one understands SEO, (except us, obviously, and what a weird coincidence, right?). Here’s the quick and dirty rundown.


What do you do when you need to find something?

You search for it on Google. Specifically, you search for it on the first page of Google because 97.3% of people will not scroll past the first page of results.

So, we help our clients get found on Google. That’s SEO.

Local SEO Services

When someone looks up, “holistic dentist specific city name,”

they find our client at the top of the search results That’s local SEO.

Multi-Location SEO

When someone looks up, “best detox green juice near me,”

and the local franchised-smoothie pops up? That’s franchise, or multi-location SEO, and that’s our client.


Searching for “best financial coach for entrepreneurs”?

That’s national SEO, and that’s where our client’s site is hanging out.


When someone looks up, “best natural foundation with spf,”

our client is at the top.
That’s SEO for e-commerce.

Want the Nitty Gritty?

Best SEO in Phoenix

We have a crazy system involving a nutty number of Google sheets, project management software, and humans working together to get you in front of the people looking for exactly the service you offer.

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    We do all the work on your website (on the website itself, like these words you see here).

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    We do all the work on the backend of your website (all those checkboxes where you wonder, “Do I check this box? Do I leave it unchecked? What does it MEAN?!”).

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    We’re constantly checking for any of the thousands of weak spots on your websites, and the others referring to your website.

That’s just the start.

The Google algorithm is constantly shifting as they work to provide people searching for results, the most relevant results.

We’re constantly working to keep you at the top of the results, regardless of their algorithm. SEO best practices is essentially our middle name.

The shady tactics that worked five years ago are no longer relevant, and, honestly, search engine optimization is actually against Google’s terms of service. Google doesn’t want businesses skewing results, and if they figure out you’re applying SEO to your website, you get the Google-slap. That’s right- they knock you down in the search results.

Talk about money down the drain. Bad SEO can hurt your business.

Guud Marketing SEO Services

We focus on SEO best practices: the tips and tricks that keep your website moving toward the top of Google, regardless of what algorithm shifts hurt your competitions’ rankings.

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    Good, holistic SEO withstands the test of any algorithm and any search engine.

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    SEO is the best insurance policy. As trends and platforms change, your favorite marketing strategies will, too, but you’ll always have a website, and you’ll always need SEO.

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    Your preferred referral source dries up? Your favorite social media platform gets acquired by Twitter and shut down (Vine, Periscope, anyone)?

No matter what- your SEO will stand.

Great SEO means that no matter what happens, people searching for exactly what you offer will find you.

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