Our Clients Weigh In

When we ask our clients about life prior to guud marketing, it’s always the same.

I tried paper, print, different modalities

I was not seeing the quality of leads that I was hoping for. We were getting leads coming in, but they would be from the wrong area, or they would say that they weren’t ready yet, they were just browsing. The leads that I was paying for were poor quality and I didn’t know how to improve it.

- Ashley, Franchise Gym Owner

I had tried a lot of social media marketing on my own

...and I was successful with YouTube and LinkedIn, but Facebook for me was an utter fail. I bought books on it, I studied it, I read it, I tried, and ultimately it seemed like I was spending a ton of money, and not having any success. I just must not have been doing something right and I never figured it out. I reached out to a couple of other supposedly “marketing experts” and hired someone else, who I was also not successful with, and I was about to give up.

- Dr Amanda, Orthodontic Consultant

I felt a lot of frustration and almost hopelessness

...because I would spend a lot of time searching the internet for answers, and often times they weren't in the first 10 or 12 things I looked at. I tried YouTube searches, Google searches, and I signed up for a marketing course. I felt overwhelmed.

- Bryan, Film Director and Agency Owner

They always mention how hard it can be to pick the right digital team.

There's a lot of similar programs out there

...that all we'll do a very cookie cutter to say that program for people, and they'll put them through the same old, same old, but they're not going to get the results that a company that really is diving into the specifics of that business owner they would get.

- Ashley, Franchise Gym Owner

They all have to seem like they have the right answers.

I didn't really know how to pick, they all have nice websites.

- Dr Amanda, Orthodontic Consultant 

It’s overwhelming.

I'm messaged constantly.

There's always people coming in my door wanting to, how can I get you more leads, and people on Facebook constantly have, I can get you twice the number of leads, we're half the price, all this stuff. It happens all the time. There was something about your guys' authenticity, charisma, and something special about you guys that made it really like, this is the company I need to try out. This is going to be different.

- Ashley, Franchise Gym Owner

I'd say I probably get about five to 10 inquiries a week

...and I still do, but it's hard to know who to trust. So, I think I took a little bit of blind faith in hiring Jonathan and Sascha with guud marketing, but now that I have, I'm really thankful I did.

- Dr Amanda, Orthodontic Consultant

It's a bit of a chicken before the egg kind of situation

In order to make money, and get more clients, you need to invest money. But, it's hard to do that when you don't have the money initially. But if you have confidence and take that time and follow the advice, it will work out. once I started following his advice, the results did come.

- Dr Amanda, Orthodontic Consultant

Yet they immediately saw the guud difference.

The difference in working with you,

I think, was the one on one attention. You gave me information that wasn’t anywhere else. In one hour, you answered questions I’d been trying to find answers for for weeks.

- Bryan, Film Director and Agency Owner

I felt a sense of relief

...when I realized that you knew what you were talking about and you had a really in depth knowledge. I felt a sense of relief in a sense of like, "Okay, this is something that I am going to be able to fully figure out, and it might not take me as long as I thought."

- Bryan, Film Director and Agency Owner

To stand out from the competition and achieve success and growth

requires fundamental and creative marketing strategies that deliver real, measurable results. Jonathan and Sascha operate at the highest level and deliver precisely that-  results. Search and social media strategies that work together are the key and Jonathan ahd Sascha are experts. There is no one I would trust more to partner with to start, build, and grow a business.

- Chris, Photographer and Entrepreneur

Clients rave about our communication.

One of the things I really liked

...about Jonathan and Sascha and guud marketing is that they were very responsive. So, I think our personalities matched very well and I felt like I could always get a hold of them, and with that built trust.

- Dr Amanda, Orthodontic Consultant

The communication that I've had with

...Jonathan, with you Sacsha, with you guys as a whole... With your company. Very, very easy to reach, very easy to get guidance... I've already learned so much from you guys. So it definitely feels more personal, and I feel more heard as a business owner.

- Ashley, Franchise Gym Owner

Our unique strategies and ability to drive results for any niche...

My practice’s income has grown by $70k

just by implementing one of Jonathan’s strategies, and I get continuous compliments on the site they built me. Their SEO strategies took my brand new site to the first page of Google for every single one of my keywords. Honestly, the only reason I don’t use more of Jonathan and Sascha’s services is because I’d need a larger practice for the influx of clients they’d bring. Their stuff works.

- Dr Stevanie, Chiropractic Practice Owner

I'm a little bit different in that I am a dentist

...yet my customer base is dentists, whereas most people who are doing this for dentists are dentists facing their customer base as consumers. You seem to get it and a lot of people don't.

- Dr Amanda, Orthodontic Consultant

I'm not looking for every person that has a Facebook page

I want for people who are in my age demographic, who are active, and all those special things that you guys helped me target. So when I'm looking for a specific audience, you guys really know who it is I'm looking for, because you have asked great questions. You've gotten to know me and my business, and you're very familiar with what people are looking for out on Instagram and Facebook.

- Ashley, Franchise Gym Owner

I can see all the hard work

...Jonathan's putting in, and all the different tests he's doing. Integrating into different systems, and so this part has been fun and new, of seeing all the different attention to detail.

- Ashley, Franchise Gym Owner

Sascha was instrumental in helping our first video go viral.

She consulted with us on creative strategies and language to get our emails opened by the media, which got our video featured on CBS evening news, Time, and The Today Show's website. Her incisive tactics and approach helped us gain tens of thousands of followers and get our video seen by moms around the world. We piggybacked on those strategies and our second video reached 7 million views.

- Masha, Actor, Director, and Content Creator

And that guud results aren’t just financial.

I felt empowered.

- Bryan, Film Director and Agency Owner

So, my goal is to get two to five new doctors as customers per month

My numbers went up two to three times that once I started working with guud marketing. And now suddenly my business is profitable enough that the stress is gone and it's maintaining itself, which allows me to focus more on my family and just living life and letting my business run itself more.

- Dr Amanda, Orthodontic Consultant

Truthfully, even my family has noticed a difference

...in just my everyday presence since I started. Since I started working with you, I'm no longer constantly stressed about being able to support my business. It was a big leap for me to take, to move from being a clinical orthodontist to doing what I do now, which is orthodontic consulting, and it took several years before my business became profitable. Since I started working with guud marketing, I can officially say my business is now profitable, sustaining itself and actually making more-  more than I need to support it and to support my family. I’m making more money than I need.

- Dr Amanda, Orthodontic Consultant

Now that I know my business is profitable

...it allows me to be a better mom to my kids, and to have really the best of both worlds. I'm able to be a stay at home mom when I need to, for my children. But I'm also able to be a professional. And I really feel like I finally have everything that I wanted when I decided to become a dentist.

- Dr Amanda, Orthodontic Consultant

What happens if someone doesn’t work with us?

You're really just missing out on taking your business to the next level

...and being able to invest your own time and things that you want to invest your time in.

- Dr Amanda, Orthodontic Consultant

Who should work with us?

If someone realizes their marketing dollars aren't being used properly

...and they're getting bad quality leads, it's so worth it to go to guud-  because you really learn the person they’re looking to come through their door, you grab the right people, and you provide quality leads.

- Ashley, Franchise Gym Owner

Anyone who's looking to make more money online.

- Bryan, Film Director and Agency Owner

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