Traveling with a Baby – Must Have Items for Baby Travel

Traveling with a Baby - Must Have Items for Baby Travel- Quote

In the 3.5 short months of our baby’s life, we’ve flown, we’ve driven… We’ve gotten around a bit. These are the few items for baby travel that I can recommend more highly for having a calm, happy baby while on the go.  

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Must-Have Items for Baby Travel

1. The Sleep Pillow app on your smartphone.

Jonathan and I use this on our phones at night for white noise, and so we also turn it on for Lauren whenever it’s time for her to go to sleep. It’s soothing and a great sleep association. It’s free.

2. A Tula Baby Carrier.

They have a fanatical Facebook following, and for good reason. It’s rumored they carry “sleepy dust.” We have two already and generally leave one in the car and one at home. The gentle motion from movement and human contact is super soothing for babies. On a recent trip with my dad and stepmom, my dad wanted to hold Lauren while we were on the go. 

As it was approaching nap time for her, we put the Tula on him and her in it. She had a 3-hour nap! The hood provides a dark, cozy environment, and is a surefire way to help her sleep. For extra sleepy dust, I turn the Sleep Pillow app on my iPhone, plug in my earbuds, and tuck the earbuds in her hood.

3. The Happiest Baby on the Block Book.

Fabulous. That’s all I can say. The 5 S’s are real and we use them all the time. When soothing her in the Tula, I’ll bop around, tap her diapered bottom, and say “shhhhhhhhh.” This book is excellent. We did not watch the DVD and found the Sleep Pillow app more useful than the white noise CD that accompanies this program.

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4. The 90 Minute Baby Sleep Program book.

We don’t follow the sleep program so much as the idea that she is ready to sleep 90 minutes after waking from a nap, regardless of length. When we follow this routine, she’s happy. If we pass the 90-minute window, we end up with an overtired baby. (We use tips 1 and 2 in conjunction with this book all the time.)

5. The Modest Mommy Nursing Cover (with wire).

Obviously, my husband can’t nurse, so this photo shows why the cover is a lifesaver. When I received it as a hand-me-down from a friend, I didn’t know how useful I would find it. What makes this excellent is that it provides a lightweight yet dark, cozy, and familiar place for Lauren when we are on the go. Because she’s nursed under it enough times, she associates it with comfort and sleep.

The wide neckline makes it easier to leave a breathable opening at the top. As a happy result, my husband can put on, hold her under it, and she’ll fall asleep. Any way you can provide consistency and familiarity for a baby will provide them comfort. For this reason, this nursing cover is a diaper bag staple. 

What are your tips for traveling with a baby or little ones?

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